CELEBRATION at the Pitfield Gallery in Pitfield Sstreet, London N1, was put together at the request of director Shaun Clarkson to celebrate London's wonderful summer 2012, with both the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee. Barbara took new photographs, notably of The Queen in Richmond Park, and of the Olympic Torch in Wimbledon. She also drew on her extensive archive, choosing pictures that celebrate the unique multi-culture of London's streets and open spaces.

St Paul's London 2012 Tea Dance on the River; London 2012 Street party, London W1: 2012

Lord Mayor's Show London 2011 Her Majesty The Queen, Richmond Park, 2012 Jubilee Celebrations, Battersea Park, 2012

Tower Bridge with Olympic Rings, 2012 London Fashion Week, Somerset House, 2012 Street party, Teddington, 2012

South Bank Fun Fair, 2011 Trick Cyclist, London 2011