POLAND - Barbara Chandler : 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-52

polska_tak carriages_and_window_360b0e warsaw_2005 little_house-poland-1988 changing_the_guard_w_360b10
Polska Tak.jpg
Carriages and windows Warsaw 1988.jpg
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Changing the guard Warsaw 1990.jpg
at_market_warsaw_1988 angel_at_the_cemetar_360bf2 warsaw_angel crosses-poland-1988 dont_worry-warsaw-1988
At market Warsaw 1988.jpg
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Dont worry-Warsaw-1988.JPG
equals_football_-_warsaw family-sopot-poland haywain_-_krakow laughing_dog_warsaw_06 liberation_warsaw__06
Equals football - Warsaw.jpg
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truth-warsaw_2006 read_my_lips_-_2006 little_virgin_in_the_snow marylin-stalin-warsaw sexy_warsaw_1988
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