Nad Morzem means 'at the seaside' in Polish

This exhibition was part of the Visions of Poland series, and was at the Posk Gallery in the Polish Centre in Hammersmith, London, in 1993.
It featured views of the beach (often nostalgic) and of the sea taken in England (Bexhill, Bournemouth, and so on) and on Poland's Baltic coast.
This website also shows seaside pictures taken after this exhibition, as an ongoing project.

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Golden Sands: Bexhill 1989 (card available) Through the gate: Poland 1990

Mother and child: Poland 1991 Breakwater: Bexhill beach 1989

Alone: Poland 1992 British seaside: Bexhill 1986 (card available)

Companionship: Italy 2003 Beach: Italy 2003

Family: Sopot Poland: 1994 (card available) First dip: Cornwall 2008

Sea and surf: Cornwall 2008 Man and dog: Seascale beach 2008

Sandcastle: Bournemouth 2004 Seascale: 2008

Sunset: Poland 1999 Surfers: Cornwall 2008

Swans: Sopot Poland 1994 (card available)