Barbara Chandler's Street Music was shown in the crush bar of London's old Covent Garden Opera House in 1995. London's street musicians were photographed all over the capital as they played and sang. Barbara Chandler even went to court in 1993 to champion the right of buskers to play in the London Underground (metro/subway), on the invitation of Julian who played the trumpet in a cat suit. Playing on the London Underground has now been legalised.  

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Blue guitar: London 1993 Guitar wheel: London 1994   Girl Power: London 1995

Notting Hill drummers Piccadilly trumpet: London 1992
(card available)
  Notting Hill Carnival: London 1995

Portobello guitar: London 1993
(card available)
Celebration: London 1992   Notting Hill Carnival (2): London 1995

Cat in the tube: London 1995 Cat in the tube (2): London 1995   Big wind: London 1994

Notting Hill Carnival: London 1995 Guitar man: London 1995   Lonely guitar: London 1995

  Fast learner: London 1992