Ross Lovegrove, London 2012
Welsh-born London designer who shapes ground-breaking technology into flowing forms, such as this Solar Tree street lighting.

Solar Tree street lighting was on show and working at Clerkenwell Design Week in London in 2012. Its heads (on their graceful arching stems) contain solar cells, and it can run for seven days without a charge. First developed in 2007, these lights (produced by Artemide with Sharp Solar, the world's largest maker of solar cells) have travelled to many cities around the globe and embody Ross's "DNA" approach – Design, Nature, Art. This designer, despite a formidable global reputation, is eminently approachable and always willing to discuss his work.
His way with curves is legendary – "just call me Captain Organic," he once quipped. As I write, I am looking at his PET water bottle designed for (appropriately) for Welsh Ty Nant, a fluid shape that looks like lapping waves – I have never drunk its contents. It is too beautiful.
Ross has taken part in God is in the Details for the London Design Festival 2013, and with characteristic good will, posed looking through his allocated Swarovski lens which was magnifying an intricately-worked ceremonial red spoon from SE Asia.