Keiichi Matsuda, London 2012

Creator of Prism in the V&A during LDF 2012, whose surfaces were a stream of live data from all around the capital.

Barbara writes:
Prism was installed in the cupola high in the roof of the V&A and those lucky enough to get a slot, could climb up to see it. It worked on two levels. Firstly, it was just beautiful. Wonderful handmade Japanese paper stretched over wire frames radiated colours and seemed to gently pulsate. That was the effect of the patterns that passed over its multi-faceted surfaces. Then the designer (Japanese but based in London) explained that each facet represented a stream of data from a London source, freely available on the internet – info about tides, traffic, crime statistics, transport, news channels, and even bulletins from Ten Downing Street. These changing updates were turned by specially-written software into the beautiful patterns light projected from within onto the surfaces of Prism. Keiichi - so nice to meet, enthusiastic but with a welcome touch of diffidence – thought maybe his installation was a little "alien". But to me it was beautifully benign. Information is essential for the efficient and safe running of our lives and this simply gave it a poetic face - the stature, if you like, that it deserves.