Ross Lovegrove

Moritz Waldemeyer, Milan 2010

London-based designer, whose experimental studio forges links between technology, art, fashion and design.

Barbara writes:
Moritz is a new breed of designer who translates digital technology into poetic products. He talks about "playful experimentation" and "forging links between technology, art, fashion and design." He's done large-scale installations for Bombay Sapphire and Microsoft, and light-studded costumes for the likes of U2 and Rihanna, and the London Olympic Games Handover Ceremony. This picture was taken at Lucid Flux, created for Audi in Milan, with 2,000 LED lights that morphed from abstract patterns into flowing text displays. This year, Moritz's My New Flame product for Ingo Maurer (also in my show, see number 65) was added to New York's MOMA's permanent collection. This is a tall narrow flat column bearing rectangular circuit boards, with 128 LEDs on each side at the top. They are programmed to flicker exactly like a real candle –from a distance you think they are real. Indeed a "smart random algorithm" makes sure the flicker-pattern never repeats – just like the real thing.