Julia Lohmann, Milan 2005.

This joyous German-born London designer experiments endlessly with materials; her Cow Bench here is made from a sculpted whole hide.

Barbara writes:
Julia was born in Hildesheim, Germany in 1977. I met her in Milan where she was exhibiting her intriguing Cow Benches - a bovine"momento mori," she said. Each is made from a complete hide, sculpted on wood and foam. "We don't want our food to remind us of the animal it is made of," she says. "And, at the same time we are able to create living materials through advances in bio-technology. My Cow Benches explores the more traditional threshold between animal and material." Julia's materials never cease to intrigue. She has created an installation with recycled Japanese fish crates, and lights from preserved cow and sheep stomachs, not to mention Victorian animal bones. Kelp – or more simply seaweed – is her latest preoccupation.