Ross Lovegrove

Gaetano Pesce, Milan 2010

Born in Italy but in New York since 1980; maestro, philosopher, artist, architect and designer, sitting on his New York skyline chair.

Barbara writes:
Gaetano Pesce, surreal supremo, sat on his Nighttime New York sofa in the Cassina show at Milan in 2010, and generously gave me an audience. I have several of his wonderful resin bracelets. I bought the first one when I visited a wonderful retrospective of his work at the Milan Triennale, a few years ago. Now I buy off their producer, Fish Design, when I find him at trade fairs. They are still very difficult to get in London, and I told Mr Pesce this. "Do you want to be my agent?" he asked.
Born in La Spezia, Italy, in 1939, Mr Pesce's career spans four decades of architecture, urban planning, interiors, exhibition and industrial design, in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. "Modernism not so much a style as a way to interpret the present and hint at the future, to preserve and celebrate individuality," he says. "Boundaries between art, design and industry are irrelevant."