Tracy Kendall, Paris 2010

Always-innovative British wallpaper designer trained in fine art, shown with her hand-lettered then digitally-embroidered wallpaper.

Barbara writes:
Some designers – sadly not that many – are pleasantly modest, which gives them an open attitude to experiences, people and inspirations. Tracy is one of them. Her work is supremely original and she covers walls with layers of cut paper, or feathers or fringing. Such bespoke wall coverings are truly poetic – the one in the picture is literally lines from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Here, Tracy was at Maison & Object, the big Paris trade show, in 2010. The artwork is by Tracy's sister, whose handwriting she has always loved – "she's got big hands like me and my dad." Then it is digitally-embroidered in the UK onto a heavy paper by a multi-head machine.
Fittingly, her work has won many awards, and has graced the walls of several museums and public buildings worldwide, such as the Cooper Hewitt in New York.
In a photo on her website, Tracy as a child was wearing a pale lemon dress, which her sister crocheted by hand. "I thought I was the bee's knees in it, but I was also a tomboy," Tracy remembers. "Mixing high fashion with practicality was my obsession from an early age."
And you can even download a pattern for the dress.