Barbara Hulanicki & Sir James Dyson, London 2010

Biba fashion diva gave a Lifetime Achievement Award to Sir James Dyson at the Homes & Gardens Design Awards at the V&A.

Barbara writes:
I was one of the first girls wearing Biba in the 60s, seeking her out in her first hidden Kensington boutique and buying a set of skirt, trousers, and wickedly long jacket in pin-stripes for £13. Later, I interviewed her when she took over Derry & Toms and turned it into a Biba wonderland. Sadly I did not keep the clothes but still have the perfume bottles. Her style is now attracting a whole new generation, with wallpapers and fashion collections.
Sir James says I was the first person ever to write about him - he came to my garden from the RCA bearing his revolutionary Ballbarrow. He actually won three Awards on the night of the photograph - so by the time we got to Lifetime, he was a bit punch drunk, which is reflected in the picture.