Front Design, Milan 2010

Swedish Sofia Lagerkvist, Anna Lindgren & Charlotte von der Lancken (from left to right), whose often-conceptual projects fuse digital and craft.

Barbara writes:
Front was founded in 2004.They are pleasant and polite and their radical design ideas come as a bit of a surprise. They have created technology which turned lines drawn in the air into 3D printed chairs. And a huge lamp with a horse base, and a wallpaper eaten by rats. And twice in Milan I have seen their mesmerising lampshades" made from soap bubbles that continuously re-form
But they are equally proud of designs for Ikea, which sold out within a week in Stockholm. Sometimes people ask them: "but what's the point?" "We prefer to think, what's not the point," they told me. They carried out a research project into what objects mean to home-owners and found that people wanted to keep many things even when broken. "It is a person's relationship to an object that is important, not its function."