Ross Lovegrove

Rosita Missoni, London 2005

Beloved creator of zingy zig-zags for fashion and furnishings by marvellous Missoni, founded with husband Ottavio in 1953.

Barbara writes:
Rosita is so charming to meet in person, and I was privileged to visit the little flat which she had in London at that time. She does not give many interviews – "my work has spoken for me." She had handed the fashion to her daughter and was – then as now – concentrating on Missoni Home, which has gone from strength to strength.
She was surrounded by treasures "fished" from London markets, and by flowers - "they are my favourite decorating product. At home I even use vegetables." Indeed Rosita (who always visits for the Chelsea Show) has three flowers named after her - "a rose, a camellia and a nerine." The modern trend for homes, she told me, is the return of decoration. "Minimalism has never been my cup of tea. I love fabrics, pillows, cushions, rugs, and curtains. Use these to lift a home, without changing the furniture." Be true to your instincts, she added. "If you have the confidence of your heart, then everything looks right together."