Barbara Chandler's photographs

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The London Apron

Here is a collage of Barbara Chandler’s photography, meticulously assembled by our designer Maggie Bristow, into a vibrant collage of London scenes. Find your favourites: Big Ben, the London Eye, Routemaster buses – all are there. Spot a cherub from the front of St Paul’s Cathedral and a boy jumping off a lion in Trafalgar Square.

The Love Apron

Another charming and romantic collage of Barbara Chandler's photography. A vibrant collage of graffiti hearts and intriguing stars from London and Paris.

Images are digitally-printed by specialists in the UK in faithful detail.

* digitally printed in fine detail
* generously sized at 70cm x 80cm
* adjustable neck strap
* 100% premium cotton

* machine-washable
* delivered within 3-5 working days

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