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Love London

Celebration at the Pitfield Gallery in Pitfield Street, London N1, was put together at the request of director Shaun Clarkson to celebrate London's wonderful summer 2012, with both the Olympics and the Queen's Jubilee. Barbara took new photographs, notably of The Queen in Richmond Park, and of the Olympic Torch in Wimbledon. She also drew on her extensive archive, choosing pictures that celebrate the unique multi-culture of London's streets and open spaces.

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The Gherkin from Brick Lane, 2008
Abbey Road (2)
Abbey Road, 1992
Battersea Power Station, 2005
Big Ben, 2005
Big Ben, 1988
Black cat for luck
Christmas underground.
Glimpse of Big Ben 2005
Gone Fishing, 1991
Hackney heart.
Headhunter, 1998
Houses of Parliament, 2006
Little cars, Fulham
London moggy, 1991
No bullshit
Peace camp 2007
Piccadilly Circus, 1988
Piccadilly trumpet, 1992
Protest, 2003
Rags and bones, 1986
Regent Street, 2008
River Thames, 2005
Routemasters, 1998
Snowy Big Ben, London 1993
South Bank, London 1992
South Bank paving poem, 1992
South Bank paving poem (2), 1992.
Subway, 2006
Taxi, 2006
Tete-a-Tate, London 2005
Then it hit me, London 2006
Through the trees, London 2005
Tower bridge, 1990
Trafalgar lion, 1993
Trafalgar Square 1992
Trafalgar fountains, London 1993
Underpass, 1990
View of the River from the Wheel, 2003
View through the bridge, 2005
Westminster Bridge
Winter afternoon, London 2004
Winter sunse London, 2006